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Youngman Lovell is a London based design house. The practice is co-founded and directed by brothers Harry and Charlie Lovell, with its core focus on private residential and commercial projects. 


Youngman Lovell is a great, great grandfather of the brothers and was the first generation of five to work in real estate and design. Therefore they thought it was only suitable to doff their caps in recognition of their lineage. 




Youngman Lovell have a healthy obsession with what they do and invest great energy in delivering the vision which is to create beautifully conceived, carefully curated, sustainable spaces. They respond to their clients’ needs by designing projects in an intimate and hands-on way, collaborating with people that they know and trust. They achieve this through applying their expertise in a range of services including interior architecture and design, planning, project management and development.


Youngman Lovell recently unveiled carbon neutral homes which are at the forefront of the plans for the future of the business which align with their values of sustainable living and beautiful design.




Co-founder & Director


Harry Lovell


Harry left university with a BSc Hons in Business Management and immediately co-founded the clothing company Beaufort and Blake which he sold in 2018 to pursue the dream of creating a sustainably minded, cutting edge design house. He recently successfully completed a programme of study, designed by the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership in Business Sustainability Management, to further develop his credentials as a sustainable business leader and explore the benefits of carbon neutral homes further. 


Co-founder & Creative Director


Charlie Lovell


Charlie studied at the renowned and respected Inchbald School of Design, before landing a job with De Salles Flint as an architectural designer. This time gave him a chance to cut his teeth in the industry designing hotels, high end residential and retail around the world which set up a strong launch pad to become creative director at Youngman Lovell. 

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